Wall hanging decorative fish. Digital print on aluminum foil. Dimension 28 x 21 cm


Additional information
Shipping Weight 0.3 kg
Shipping Dimensions (L×W×H) 32 × 32 × 4 cm

Fish represents the unconscious of the higher self, feelings, and motives. It is also a metaphor for deeper awareness and the intelligence and thought process. Since water brings life, all the creatures living beneath its surface will symbolize fertility, birth, and rebirth. Diva is a 28 x 21 cm wall hanging decorative small fish! Digitally printed on aluminum foil 0.6 mm. Coating of protective varnish has been applied. High tolerance on weather conditions (heat, cold, rain etc). Adjustable distance from wall surface 0,5-1 cm. Handmade in Greece by ALUMINATI with love and care.